The Farmer's Book

The Farmer’s Book

This book is set in the same region as When the Wind Turned over the Land, with the focus on a farm in the village of Hycklinge. outside of Oskarshamn. The central figure of the book is Styrbjörn Ejneby, a farmer and a naturalist in one person. He and his wife Solveig run their farm with traditional methods, without heavy machinery or chemicals, in an effort to preserve a high degree of biodiversity in the pastures and forest lands.

Their fight is not a nostalgic return to the past, but an optimistic vision of farming for the future, in harmony with nature.

Written by the journalist Jan Danielsson with photos by Peter Gerdehag, The Farmer’s Book is a practical guide for all of us with a house "in the country". You can learn how to recreate a flower meadow, grow potatoes organically and tend to your fruit trees. This book in turn was the inspiration for Peter Gerdehag’s first film, Life and Death of a Farmer.

Language: Swedish

Year: 1998

Publisher: Prisma

Pages: 216

ISBN: 9789151834795

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