White-Tailed Eagle

The white-tailed eagle is enormous, with a wingspan of more than two meters. Yet timid and above all, rare. There are only a few hundred pairs left in Sweden, spread over a vast area. Most people know it only as a heraldic symbol of power and freedom, not many have seen it.

This book brings us closer to this giant bird of prey, thanks to Peter Gerdehag and Björn Helander. They studied the white-tailed eagle for years; Gerdehag with his camera, hiding under his camouflage with infinite patience; Helander with the researcher's methodological work and critical gaze.

Complemented by the photographer's personal reflections and experiences, White-Tailed Eagle is a picture celebration, a unique collection of rare and captivating photographs. It is a full portrait of this secretive bird; its appearance, habits and environment, the definitive book about Europe’s largest bird of prey.

Language: Swedish

Year: 1988

Publisher: Bonniers

Pages: 143

ISBN:  9134509437

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