The Horseman

The Horseman

Stig-Anders Svenson lives alone on a farm in Råskog in the highlands of southern Sweden. He handles things his own way just as he has learned from his ancestors, rejecting tractors and other machinery. Stig-Anders performs all the heavy work together with his three beloved Ardennes horses, lovingly known as flickera (the girls). Without the horses life would be meaningless for Stig-Anders.

Time and again he finds that the authorities question his right to live like his ancestors and other people just find it difficult to understand his unique way of life. But when Stig-Anders’ very existence is threatened, a faithful friend turns up to save him. Her name is Madelene and she used to ride his horses and help out with the daily chores when she was a young girl. She now becomes his “guardian angel” and helps him return to the farm from severe illness.

After the unprecedented success of the film, The Horseman, Stig-Anders becomes a national celebrity, who gets invited to speak to enthusiastic audiences and take part in different public events. This has an invigorating effect on Stig-Anders, but doesn’t free him from new complications with the authorities and envious glances from those who don’t approve of his old-fashioned ways.

Language: Swedish

Year: 2014

Publisher: Volum & Gullers förlag

Pages: 192

ISBN: 9789187283499

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