The Land That is No More


The Land that is no more

Kroxhult 1:4 is a farm where time has stood still, a living memorial over a lifestyle about to disappear. For 35 years, Peter Gerdehag followed the Caremalm family and their old-fashioned ways, a record long period of documentation. The book called ”The Land that is No More” is a quiet hommage to our common cultural heritage, brought out by our forefathers in rural Sweden.

            The Caremalm family stands as a symbol for all these small time farmers, who toiled to make the country rich, only to see their traditions being swept away by the winds of modernity. Peter follows them through his viewfinder as they labour in the stony lands they inherited. They themselves don’t see the miracle in this: ”There’s nothing to it, it’s what God gave us to care for.” Yes, it’s all about care, and caring for those who live on the land.

            Peter’s journey alongside these people, the last of their kind, is simply remarkable. His pictures mirror the stillness of an almost unchangeable landscape. On Kroxhult 1:4 there is no need for watches. ”The cows keep time, they know when the hour comes for them to give milk,” says Peter. 

Language: Swedish

Year: 2016

Publisher: Voutm

Pages: 208

ISBN 9789188435019


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