Women with Cows

Women with Cows

"What I found in Sibbalt was something completely different than what I first thought - a Shakespearean drama of life and death in a battered old dairy farm." (PG)

Britt Georgsson is going on eighty and has a broken spine, but she hangs on to her farm in Sibbalt with half a dozen cows and Fille, the steer. Her younger sister Ingrid comes almost daily to help with milking and other essential chores to keep the farm - and Britt - alive. Sibbalt is actually the last dairy farm in Sweden with hand-milked cows.

Peter’s forte as a photographer is that he with time becomes like a part of the landscape, unnoticed by the protagonists of the drama. After a while the two sisters are so comfortable with his presence that they unleash all their emotions, frustrations and contradictions in front of the camera; a last effort to sort out their complicated sibling relations while there was still life in the farm.

The book Women with Cows builds on the award-winning documentary film and follows events until the farm is finally closed down.

Language: Swedish

Year: 2011

Publisher: Votum

Pages: 160

ISBN: 9789185815418

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