The early Story of The Woman with Cows



Britt and Inger Georgsson sitts on the porch of their family farm in the summer of 1936. It is sunday and they are soon going of to church. At this point they have never tought about the fact that the farm is about to deeply connect the sisters to eacother and consume their whole life's work.

Boat lounge in spring. Britt and fiancé Kurt have packed the boat with a blanket, some wine and a pick-nick basket. Kurt had the rare pleassure of courting Britt, who was seen as the most beautiful and mysterious girl in their parish.

But Britt didn't want to live up to other peoples expectations, at a point in her early 20's, she decided to devote her life to the craft of hand milking her own cows. Something that affected her and her family's life in unforseen ways.