Peter began filming after over 30 year as a photographer. His work method is documentary, with a vision of preserving memories and knowledge about places where nature and man co-exist. Stories where old traditional ways of life are in conflict with the changes of modern times. 

"I have a responsibility towards the people I follow with my camera. To convey their lives fairly, and to be a person with my own thoughts and opinions. As a filmmaker it is important to be familiar, both through knowledge and feelings."

Peter he has turned ordinary people into TV personalities. Limitless enthusiasm and patience has allowed him to get close to their lives. The film The Horseman has gained a larger TV audience than any other independently produced TV documentary in Sweden. The documentary film Women with Cows, has attracted great attention in Sweden and internationally. It premiered on Hot Docs in Canada and Peter has received several awards and prizes for best cinemaotagrapher during the festival tour e.g IDA awards, Salems filmfest and Nordic Visions.

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