Peter – an exceptional cinematographer

Peter's vision revolves around the preservation of memories and knowledge about places where nature and man co-exist. Stories about old traditional ways of life in conflict with the changes brought on by modernity. Peter turns ordinary people into in-depth characters. Limitless enthusiasm and patience allows him to bring us closer to their lives.

”You have a responsibility before the people you follow with your camera: to give a fair representation of their life and to allow them to present their own thoughts and opinions. As a cinematographer you need to learn from them, both their life history and their emotions.”

The film The Horseman found a larger TV audience than any other independently produced documentary in Sweden and Peter Gerdehag was nominated for Sweden’s highest film award for its cinematography. Women with Cows received acclaim at festivals around the world; it won the Golden Horn in Cracow and was awarded for "Best Cinematography" by IDA in Los Angeles.  

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