Life and Death of a Farmer

A farmer who is ahead of his time. An environmental prophet who practices what he preaches: environmentally sound, sustainable before it became a buzzword. The film is both a natural portrayal as it is is a subtle and far-sighted man's spiritual legacy to future generations.

The film is an astonishing nature documentary with an important message about preserving both our cultural and natural heritage for coming generations.

Styrbjörn Ejneby and his wife Solveig struggle for preserving the old landscape with all its traditions and invaluable natural resources. Sentenced to death by his cancer, Styrbjörn Ejneby leaves no one untouched by his wisdom and his straight forward approach in the camera when he continues his own mission into the bitter end.

The result can be viewed in this film, the book The Farmers Book and the photo exhibition Life and Death of a Farmer.

Director: Peter Gerdehag

Screenplay: Tell Aulin

Dir. of Photography: Peter Gerdehag

Editor: Tell Aulin

Composer of original soundtrack: Anders Barrén

Producer: Johan Miderberg

Production: Collaborative production between Gerdehag Photography AB and Tellemontage AB

Length: 58 min

Swedish premiere: March 2004

European Premiere: Pärnu Film Festival, Estonia 2005

Swedish Distributor for dvd: Folkets bio

 Original film copies on: Digital Betacam/DVCAM/DVD - All available with English subtitles.


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