The Land That is No Moore

For eleven years, Peter Gerdehag was the proverbial fly-on-the-wall at the Kroxhult 1:4 farm. The resulting film, The Land That is No More, is a quiet tribute to our heritage and to the small farmers most of us descend from. In this way the Caremalm family become a symbol of all farmers, who worked here before the modern era; it is an epic story of a close group of people at a time of great changes.

From nearly three hundred hours of video, Swedish Television legends Olle Häger (producer) and Kjell Tunegård (editor) structured this film into a masterpiece, winning the award for best documentary on SVT in 2012.

Length: 76 min

Swedish premiere: 2012

Director/Dir. of Photography: Peter Gerdehag

Screenplay: Kjell Tunegård, Olle Häger

Editor: Kjell Tunegård

Composer of original soundtrack: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

Producer: Lasse Rengfeldt

Executive Producer: Malcolm Dixelius

Coproduction: Gerdehag Photography,Deep Sea Productions, SVT (Swedish Television)

Original film copies on: Digital Betacam/DVCAM/DVD

Swedish Distributor for Cinemas and DVD: Folkets bio

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