When the Wind Turned over the Land

When the Wind Turned over the Land

This book describes Bråbygden, a rural landscape embedded in thick forests near the city of Oskarshamn in southern Sweden.  In the last decades, fourteen neighbouring villages have joined forces to restore the whole area, in an effort to preserve the unique, traditional farm landscape and its unique biodiversity. The amazing result of this action was that the previously depopulated area attracted new, young families. A depressed area became a living example of how old and new ways of life can coexist. This local initiative attracted nationwide interest and led to a fruitful collaboration also among local, regional and national authorities, as well as NGOs interested in environment protection and the conservation of nature. Peter Gerdehag collaborated in the project and made the photo documentation for the book, When the Wind Turned over the Land.

Language: Swedish

Year: 2004

Publisher: Prisma

Pages: 189

ISBN: 9151844419

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