The Horseman's Last Stand

An engaging and exotic man–nature documentary about a man's fight to keep his horses, captured by Peter Gerdehag and edited by Tell Aulin.

The Swedish farmer Stig-Anders Svensson who lives in the rural village Råskog in southern Sweden, received a great deal of attention when The Horseman documentary was released. Since then he has pursued a fierce battle with the authorities to keep his horses.

A fight that has evolved into a question about justice and morality. How do we treat those who are perceived as different? Do the actions by the animal protection inspectors rely on their merits, or are there other, more personal, reasons for their interference? Meanwhile Stig-Anders continues to work on the farm, determined to fulfill his task according to the old traditions and fight for his right to keep horses like his forefathers always did.

Director: Peter Gerdehag

Screenplay: Tell Aulin

Dir. of Photography: Peter Gerdehag

Editor: Tell Aulin

Composer of original soundtrack: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

Producer: Lasse Rengfelt

Executive Producer: Malcolm Dixelius

Production: Collaborative production between Gerdehag Photography AB and SVT (Swedish Television) - financial support by Swedish film institute

Length: 102 min (58 min)

Swedish premiere: January 2014

Swedish Distributor for cinemas and dvd: Folkets bio

Original film copies on: Digital Betacam/DVCAM/DVD - All available with English subtitles. 



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