The Horseman

He lives for horses, he lives with horses, he works with horses and he just about dies when he is forced to leave his horses because of a storm that turns his life upside down.

This is the story of Stig-Anders, The Horseman, a solitary man in a remote village in Småland. Stig-Anders’ life is guided by the Good Lord and a deep sense of tradition. Living alone on the family farm in Råskog, he is the bearer of old farming patterns, long forgotten on neighbouring farms. He uses his horses to work the fields, to harvest the hay, to haul timber from the forest.

But a violent storm turns his quiet life into drama. He struggles through the blinding snow to bring in the last hay. The forest turns into chaos. Stig-Anders wakes up in a hospital. Feet badly scarred by frostbite. Almost in apathy. Without his horses, the horseman seems to have nothing to live for.

Like an angel out of the sky comes Madelene, who as a child learnt to ride on Stig-Anders’ farm. She has heard of his misfortune and decided to help him come back to his life as the Horseman.

Director: Peter Gerdehag

Screenplay: Tell Aulin

Dir. of Photography: Peter Gerdehag

Editor: Tell Aulin

Composer of original soundtrack: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

Producer: Johan Miderberg

Executive Producer: Malcolm Dixelius

Production: Collaborative production between Gerdehag Photography AB and Sveriges Television AB - financial support by Svenska Filminstitutet (Filmconsultant Tove Torbiörnsson)

Length: 84 min (58 min)

Swedish premiere: November 2006

European Premiere: Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia 2007

Swedish Distributor for cinemas and dvd: Folkets bio

Original film copies on: Digital Betacam/DVCAM/DVD - All available with English subtitles. 


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